Public Education, Issues?

I am a highschool student, and like most. I hate school with a burning passion. Unlike most however, I don’t like school for the implication, and the fact that it shows that the government considers it okay to force people into something, just because its “for your own good.”

And the fact that people willingly put what we think, eat, how we speak, what we read, what we believe! In the hands of the same people who start our wars, tax our people, and restrict our freedoms. Not to mention if I were to say….. Skip school for three weeks? Simply walk off of school grounds as soon as I’m dropped off, my parents would be fined. That’s ridiculous, that they should be punished because I decided I didn’t want to be forced into an institution. Now this is just a hypothetical, I go to school and will continue to go to school but if I did decide to do such a thing, it isn’t like my parents can force me, I’m six foot tall and weigh 250 pounds, if I didn’t want to go to school how are they supposed to make me? Call the police every morning? It simply doesn’t make sense to me that our parents be forced to make us do things against our will, and sometimes against theirs.

Now I am not however against the idea of having semi-mandatory (with the ability to opt out of course readily available to parents after a very early age which would be decided by someone other than me) and state (not federal) funded education to teach our children writing, and basic math and math concepts. I am not in the education system nor am I knowledgeable enough of its workings to make a complete plan for how it would work. But it should be something like stopping school around the age of 10, and starting on paths to learn things of the child’s choosing, and to learn about real world workings, and hook children up as they reach their early teens with internships at actual businesses, and it would be as simple as meeting once a week with an education councilor. Its a simple and incomplete plan I’ll admit, but I think something along those lines would be more than capable of producing a literate and business skilled, flexible, encouraged, and learning ready work force than forcing everyone to learn the same crap as was just spooned onto the plate of the child cramping up in the seat next to you. It would also limit government influence on our children and allow them to be free thinking individuals with opinions and a voice.

But I am of course just a highschool student, but I would like to see major education reform and the removal or near removal of government from schooling. I would of course be open to the idea of privatizing schooling, as that would produce great standards through competition, and of course the pursuit of profit.


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