State of Jefferson

What is it? Well, it’s a movement in the northern counties of California to create the 51st state (to be named Jefferson after the former president and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson). The movement is driven by the lack of government representation due to the law population of northern California and the high population of the incredibly different environment of southern California.

Their claims. Are legitimate the state is massive and most of its population is found in the south end, which due to the high population dictate what happens  all over the state. They make laws, tax hikes, increased spending. And all sorts of things that simply has nothing to do with those in the northern area of the state.

Though I doubt the movement will ever get anywhere. As, all the power required to make it happen is found in the southern half. And they don’t want to split up as that would cause water complications and with the record drought they would never agree to anything that could destabilize the states water any farther. And since the North has no government power over the south, it doesn’t look like we will be getting any new states any time soon.

That being said I personally like the idea, and hope that if the time comes, that northern California gets its proper representation. And to be honest I think that to actually get that they would need to create an armed revolt, but that would (like the Oregon situation recently) would be quickly stamped out. Not to mention armed conflict over something like that would be a waste of lives money and time.

So in the end. Is it a good idea? Yes I think so. Is it doable? No I don’t think so no matter how you go about it. So there my two cents, not going to happen no matter how much we want it, sort of like a libertarian society. But eh, whats the fun in a libertarian society, then we would have nothing to complain about. All jokes aside I think that something should be devised at least that could spread the power to the northern region, I’m just not sure what could be done.


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