History Books? Real history?

Today I saw a history book at school. I couldn’t resist looking through at its vague, obviously oriented opinion. I have never learned much from these, though I have more knowledge of history than most my age. How is this? Well I like history, and the books aren’t enough.

I learned history all on my own, I would read a book, saw a movie, played a game. And when one of these had vague information that I was interested in, I looked it up. I enjoy looking them up and knowing random facts, and reasons most don’t know about. And I enjoy repeating those facts.

These “History” books are nothing more than a tool to make people think they are being taught what happened. When in actuality your getting a basic list of events, and then a vague reason why, usually a misguided vague reason why.

Such as this book I have here at my school for independent studies. I noticed that on the section on the Pacific War (The WWII fights taking place against Japan) and the “Main Idea” is listed as, “In order to defeat Japan and end the war in the Pacific, the United States unleashes a terrible new weapon, the atomic bomb.” They don’t seem to include that we provoked them, through rerouting all of their oil, or false flag operations. Or the odd formation of ships in Pearl Harbor making it a great target, the fact that many were not fully staffed, and the ships were obsolete. It also fails to mention in this book, the camps we set up for Asians in the US.

So in short these books are nothing more than a way to make people feel educated, and to convey the opinions of the writers. Not to mention we learn the same events every year of middle school and history before that, we read the simple version, slightly more complex, complex. So in short I love history, and hate my history books.


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