Big Government? Small Government?

Big government is the use of a large scale government to impede on the lives of the people’. Usually, it is under the premise of protecting them.

Small government, however is the use of minimal and restricted government to allow the flow of people’s life to go unimpeded. Usually controlled by the people in response to misuse of power by a big government.

Big government can benefit in adding and insuring equality in all areas of life. At the lose of privacy and economic freedom. It also raises the risk of misuse, and using the power for individual gain and to attack people, be it an intentional or misguided abuse of power.

Nazi Germany is an example of the misuse of a big government to do great crimes. Under the promise of a better world and prosperity for the Arian peoples, millions were killed. Quickly and effectively under big Government. But not just that of others, but also themselves. Radio’s and media were controlled by the government and the right of the normal man to speak, restricted. Under this great promise, the peoples lives were impeded on.

The United States is an example of big government being used to impede on peoples lives do to misguidance. The big government regimes are voted into power by the people. There however is little promise towards greater life. Instead the promise of socialization in private organizations with the promise of it being used for the ‘greater good’.

In the end, that is one thing that all big governments have in common, they promise to interfere on its peoples lives only for the benefit of this ‘common good’.

But, what is the ‘common good’? To work towards the common good, is to work towards the betterment of everyone. But in the end it leaves those that the system doesn’t  fit with in the dust. The majority rules, leaving the wolves in charge of whats for dinner.


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