Corporate Welfare. Awful Idea.

Corporate welfare, is when the government gives monetary assistance to a corporation. Reasons they might do this include: encouragement and propping up of organizations they agree with. Be it for any reason, though usually under the guise of good behavior(environment, social treatment, etc.). Allowing the government to cherry pick what business fails and succeeds.

This action is nothing but harmful for economy. It harms the very thing that encourages healthy economy. Competition.

Competition for large monopolies stem from growing small businesses. But if you subsidize one company allowing it to reach the top, while no other company can advance against its superior economic situation.

But what we want is good product. But with corporate welfare, the product doesn’t matter. There is no other big business offering a better product, because they could never get big in the first place. This means the business no longer has to continuously put money towards bettering the product. That or the money they do put towards bettering it is the money they are getting welfare wise.

If a business can’t succeed without welfare, that business shouldn’t be around. Because, that means that in the end the money going towards its welfare never actually comes back out anyways. Waste is a killer in economy. And waste is what you get without competition.

As such we should simply allow businesses to compete with each other in a free market. And allow them to each do things there own way.



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