What is a right? I think Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the only rights. What people call “rights” I feel fall under one of those three. So in basic terms I will tell you what I think is a “right.”

The liberal left wishes to make things like education and healthcare a “right.” I believe that nothing that can only be achieved at the expense of others, cannot possibly be a “right.”

Life- No one has the right to injure a human being in anyway, be it kill you, or otherwise physically injure your “life.”

Liberty- Owning your own work and property. I feel the second amendment also falls under liberty being that it is the right to own a means of protecting one’s self and protecting our right to form militia’s. The 4th amendment also falls under liberty as that insures you are allowed private property without unreasonable interference from government.

Pursuit of Happiness- No one can take away your rights to live life as you please so long as it does not interfere with the rights of others. This includes allowing you to use damaging substances, or participate in homosexual activity(or similar frowned upon yet harmless acts) so long as it is consenting. I also believe the rights listed in the first amendment fall under this category.