Libertarian Nominees?!

Gary Johnson:

Gary Johnson, entrepreneur, and CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc. A legal marijuana company. He advocates for smaller government and balancing the budget. I agree with him on most things. Though I feel when it comes to free market issues of discrimination where he feels we should ban religious discrimination. That I disagree with making him my third choice.

John Mcafee:

Anti-virus innovator. He is against war, and pro-choice. He opposes the death penalty calling it “barbaric” which I agree with fully. I have no issues with him and he is my second choice.

Austin Peterson:

A strapping young man, CEO, and Journalist running the Libertarian Republic, and a fighter for liberty. He wants less government, smart spending, and lower taxes. He wishes to abolish the death sentence. He does however contradict with most libertarians with his pro-life standards. These standards are also made under the context that smaller government would make birth control easier to obtain and reduce the need for an abortion, I am on the fence with this issue. I do feel that Austin Peterson would do best as president, with his suave and his drive to expand the movement.