A bit on gender issues

Recent laws have stirred the political community including I saw, with the store known as “Target”.

I recently saw that they “welcome” transgender employees and consumers, and encourage them to use the bathrooms of their own choosing.

Well you may be thinking great(or ‘eww’ I guess), they support LGBTQ so what? Well, that’s not all. The surprising thing I saw, was thousands of comments about how people will never shop there again.

Again i have no problem with this. But I feel that of all the Liberals who replied with “Why not????D:” They would have noticed, and I’m surprised more libertarians didn’t notice. This is a great example of free market success. Interweaved into those comments were things like “Yipee this makes me really want to shop at Target!”

Anyways regardless I don’t care either way about Target’s opinion its just a good example of why discriminatory laws are pointless and people can just go to another store.

Now as far as Trans-gender goes, I am in full support for the community. I am not trans but I have friends and family who are. They are not faking it, they simply feel out of place in their bodies. The same as anyone would feel if they woke up with the wrong genitals.(If this offends anyone, I am trying my hardest to explain in a way relate able to most people.)

This also leads me to point out the shear stupidity that the anti-trans bathroom people use. People simply don’t fake being trans to rape people. It doesn’t happen. It is way to much trouble with just the same consequences, a trans-female (the parts of a man and the identity of a woman for those not familiar with the vocabulary) is going to get the same treatment in a court for that of a man, rape is rape.

What stops a normal man from walking into a bathroom and raping someone as compared to a trans-female? Nothing. If you really wanted to rape someone in a bathroom. You would simply walk into the girls bathroom. And especially since the law is for government run buildings. What is the point? When was the last time you heard of a court house rape?

There is another very serious issue with this law. It also counts for schools. The trans community has an outrageous suicide rate. With the hormones of the teen years, and school life coupled with the fact that you dress like a man all day and act as one, and are one(or the opposite trans-female of course face these issues) you now need to walk into the woman’s room.

This immediately outs you or forces you to not go to the bathroom. Other students might not know about you, but the teachers enforcing this rule do and I doubt in big schools they give a damn about keeping your identity. That is humiliating. And making these people de-legitimize themselves forcing them to use the facility they feel naturally out of place in, is cruel.

In my opinion we shouldn’t even have government run schools but so long as we do, there should be no restrictions based off of certain groups individuals. Be it for, or against them. This is also my approach to all laws. But for government run schools, it’s even more important.

And what if a man accidentally goes to the woman’s room? Would they be punished? No? How would you prevent them from being punished? I guess this just adds to the growing law book, where anyone can be arrested for anything.

Which brings me to another issue. How will this be enforced? Are we suppose to report it as we see it? How would you even go about telling? If you see them on the way out, its clear they harmed no one, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to continue on with their day. And what if they pass as the opposite gender to what is on their birth certificate?

You cant expect to have people asking you to pull your pants down every time someone suspects you might be trans. Most trans people learn quickly how to mask their birth sex, but it isn’t easy. And a lot succeed, at least somewhat enough to cause speculation, and possibly confusion. But, what if they aren’t trans?

But one thing seems to bug me the most, is why do people care? The people who appose the law, want laws in the opposite direction. Either way it imposes on the freedom of the individual.

The recent law in North Carolina covers the grounds of government run facilities, I feel so far as government facilities go they shouldn’t be allowed to restrict anyone. Business wise, I feel it should be up to the one paying rent on the building housing the toilet, and the one paying for the water that flushes down it: the business. And risk the chance of repercussions in the market.

Regardless of who they let use their bathroom. In the end the free market decides. You decide, right alongside the rest of the American people.

Please feel free to comment! I’d love some feedback.


Jury? Nullification?

A jury is a group of 12 people, chosen to determine the punishment of the accused. The jury in the United States, was established in order to prevent tyrannical punishment(and laws in general) from being carried out by the government.

Nullification was used through history in order to protect whats right. Not what is factual. This was used against the Fugitive Slave Act, and against Alcohol Prohibition. It was not (contrary to what most judges “inform” their juries) to base just on facts in comparison to Law. It is to judge the law itself and consider its wording, fairness, situation, and your opinion on the law itself.

The organization “FIJA” is dedicated to spreading knowledge and informing the public(future jurors) of their rights. There message: “FIJA works to:
• Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws
• Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse door
• Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdicts
• Inform everyone that juror veto—jury nullification—is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyranny.” Is up on their website and can be found here.

This organization also has ties with the Libertarian Party. Including its founder Larry Dodge who is a former  Chair of the Montana Libertarian party. It was first made up following its discussion at the National Libertarian Party convention in Philadelphia in 1989, where 44 people attended. And Dodge and Don Doig, formed FIJA National.