I am Bjorn(a.k.a Bubba) Johnson, a teenager living in Northern California, and I am a student at Bitney College Prep  public charter High School. Where I work on mostly independent study, and work towards internships and projects to get my face out there and see the world. I am very independent and I have strong liberty loving values such as free market economics and small government policies. That I like to argue and discuss with many others; along with writing of my views and the views of others.

Interested in becoming a politician and writer later in life, I pursue my internship at the local paper for experience and learning. Along with centering an independant study project around political writings. I runs the blog “Libertarian Teen” where I hope to hone my skill in writing and get my opinion and writing into the world.

I got to my current schooling program after having failings in normal school. Difficulty with the schooling and an urge to learn useful and real world things. I, along with the internship director at school, developed a plan that catered to my needs and wants while still giving me a worthwhile education and learning in order to prepare me for later life.

And regardless of school, I am deeply interested in history and economy, and through my own will I have used my own tools to learn more about them.  And by discussing, searching, reading and watching I have on my own learned and grown on an intellectual basis from my experience. Schools argue that they teach you ‘how to learn’, I however, argue that ‘a desire to know, drives the knowledge to learn.’ And that is how I base my self education. Inspired, both me and my internship advisor, by the author ‘John Taylor Gatto.’

As I first began becoming interested in politics I found myself thinking about it often. Me, seeking discussion, began talking to my father. After agreeing with him on nearly every issue, I asked my father what party he was part of. The response was “libertarian” and after looking them up and reading about it. I found he agreed with it nearly completely.

After some time I found I quite enjoyed reading about politics and discussing and arguing my beliefs. So I pursued it, arguing on the internet, at school, and discussing it with friends or family. Pretty much talking about politics wherever and whenever possible with the hopes of spreading my knowledge and political opinions, and advance the fight for liberty!